Company Profile

Talon Investment Group is a privately held real estate investment firm based in Fair Oaks, California. Talon has succeeded in bringing outstanding performance and integrity to the world of commercial real estate investment.

In every new project, Talon’s initial outcome is to identify the specific point of life cycle. This is critical in determine the potential of any project prior to purchase. Talon has gained an excellent reputation surrounding its ability to understand both the real estate market and its potential. We recognize both the upside and downside of the real estate industry and how to capture these opportunities and convert them to equity-based profits under any market conditions.  

Our emphasis is on analysis and diversified acquisition of commercial real estate and development projects displaying substantial upside potential on behalf of its clients. Specific emphasis is placed on targeting undervalued real estate in office buildings, retail centers, multi-family buildings and land development projects.

Talon specializes in matching our client real estate investors’ desired outcome with middle to large scale real estate properties and projects that are isolated as having high profit or equity growth potential.  We are differentiated by our exclusive and highly personalized process of analyzing both a project’s purchase scenario, as well as its profit potential, on behalf our client. 

Our unique value is the experience and ability to create a vision for the project that surpasses typical return on investment expectations.  A broker or determined investor may be able to identify some of the components to fulfill a property’s potential, but maximizing the profit in a project is actually found in the recipe of how to bring these ingredients together.  This is why most of our clients are already successful and well-diversified investors seeking our assistance in achieving the highest possible profit and equity in their investment portfolio.

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